Pterygoid implants vs. Big sinus lift


Doctor said that you don’t have enough bone for dental implant and that it’s necessary to do invasive intervention called sinus lift previously?

There is better solution!

With pterygoid implants you can save money and time.

Big sinus lift is complex procedure with long and discomfortable recovery period; on the other hand implementation of pterygoid implant is no different than procedure for classic implant, with minimal recovery period while waiting for the final prosthetics.

Pterygoid implant is surgically placed in posterior part of Maxilla bone, during 20 minutes long operation with local anesthesia. There are many study cases confirming benefit of this particular intervention, which creates varies solutions for later, final prosthetics.

An innovative tehnique that allows fast, predictable and minimally Invasive placement of pterygoid implants, with a very high level of safety!

Three major advantages:

  1. It is the best alternative to bone graftsplacement fin patients suffering considerable maxillary bone resorption.
  2. Shortens the treatment time safely, quickly and conveniently for the patient.
  3. It guarantees improved aesthetics for every patient, regardless of the quality of their bone for dental implant placement.

Design smiles in a matter of minutes

Get actively involved in the design of your new smile

See a visualization of your new smile before committing to the treatment


Get ready for your new smile.

In your country

18.000 euro

At our clinic

7.000 euro

Discover the best plan and price of your terapy.

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